Best Pizza Cutter


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1. Wheel Pizza Cutter

Wheel pizza cutter with a plastic handle and removable stainless steel blade to cut the pizza into precision.

pizza-wheel-cutterAre you looking for the best pizza cutter? We tested more than 50 best pizza cutters. Finally, we selected 13 amazing pizza cutter for you. They are better for a single-use. For cutting pizza you may not use the same pizza cutter every day. If you will eat pizza every day, in this case, you might visit your doctor. Still, this type of pizza cutters is necessary for cutting pizza. Instead of settling down on the first one, you may see them at the grocery store after that you can set your visions on the best one. After a long time analyzing we observed that a crowded kitchen drawer is one full of cheap and broken tools. Finally, we selected 13 best pizza cutters and recommend you to buy a wheel pizza cutter for slicing pizza.

2. Best Rocking Blade Pizza Cutter: Selected Chef Rocker Blade Pizza Cutter

This cutter is smooth. You are suggested to buy it and you’ll feel like you moved to Napoli to hone your craft and came away with this shiny souvenir. That you can wave around in the kitchen, covered in flour and speaking Italian with an offensively dreadful accent. Truly, this pizza cutter looks amazing and works very well.

Rocker-Blade-Pizza-CutterWe were really astonished by how much we ended up liking this rocking blade design more than the classic wheel with a handle. This long rocking blade permitted for the most leverage to press down hard on the pizza so that is cut into half, after that in half again with one fell swoop. The blade on this Checkered Chef rocking blade pizza cutter is blade sharp, which means it was one of the few pizza cutters and it cut through the crust and toppings on the first go. It is very easy to use and the design is as simplified as it gets. Fewer attachments or moving parts are used in this cutter for the purpose of sustainability. It is basically a longer, slimmer bench scraper and you all know how much we love a good bench scraper around these parts. As it is just one long, flat blade, it is very easy to clean. No wheel to spin around, no attachments to scrub under, no handle with unusual grapy things to remove grease from.

The one real weakness of this pizza cutter is that it doesn’t work properly on deep-dish pizza. It is better to roll a wheel with a handle to get through something soupy and casserole-like. Now it is the question, are you really having deep-dish at home frequently? It is important if you are cutting pasta or rounded pie dough, we suggested gliding a rolling cutter together with a ruler or parchment paper cut-out instead of using this rocker blade model.

The Design and the Material

We already tested pizza cutters in fundamentally four different designs:

  • The classic wheel-with-a-handle model.
  • A wheel with a plastic cover on top for gripping and moving the wheel beneath your hand to cut the pizza.
  • A long blade, similar to a bench scraper, with a flat handle along the top to press down and rock back and forth over the pizza.
  • A pair of pizza-specific scissors.

We wanted to know which cut pizza is the best design and felt the most comfortable. We also focused on the material of the cutter. We also wanted a nice metal blade and a solid handle as well as it would be better if there was plastic or silicone covering the handle, we wanted that to feel high-quality.

Easy to Clean

Generally, we were looking for a tool that was very easy to clean. We were looking for a cutter from which it was very easy to remove that grime. And so Pizza cutter wheels can get bits of cheese and grease stuck in all sorts of nooks and crannies.

3. The best Bru Archer

Bru Archer provides you this high-quality pizza cutter which showcases many of the grade-A features you are looking for in a top-notch product like this one. The company claims to have made it after consulting with the chefs and owners of the top restaurants about the design of it. The length of the blade is 14 inches and so it is able to cut through a 12 inches’ pizza very easily. It is made of stainless steel and produced in the labs approved by the FDA.

BruArcher-Premier-Pizza-CutterThere are two handles on the extreme ends of the side opposite to the blade. They are made of hardened plastic or wood and their structure lets you keep an easy control of the tool. For this, you can be safer from accidental slips and cuts.

As it is used for various purposes, the cutter can also be used to mince the spices and herbs or slice through the desserts and vegetables. You can easily wash it either with soap, sponge, and water or just by putting it in the dishwasher!

We liked it because:

  • Easy to clean
  • Premium quality blade
  • FDA approved stainless steel
  • Two handles for more control
  • Multipurpose
  • Heavy duty
  • Long-lasting

We didn’t like it because:

  • No sturdy blade cover provided
  • Very expensive

4. OXO

oxoThis exclusive pizza wheel and cutter combination comes from OXO who has won several awards for the perfect design of their cooking wares. It is made with a red plastic circular handle that covers half of the main wheel. The red blend, matte black and shining silver gives the whole cutter a stylish look. Moreover, this specific design helps you to control -over the wheel directly. You need not have any physical contact with any part of the disk. Though you can get that cut you wanted, although you do not at the price of possible wounds. The upper portion of the handle is rubberized so that it does not slip off your fingers when it is used. Along with the soft non-slip grip, Oxo also delivers you a blade guard for the safe packing of the device. It must keep your hand safe at the time of scrabbling around in the drawer with other tools. It is very easy to open up the handle as well as bring out the disk, which can then be thrown into the dishwasher. It is recommended for you because the disk itself is made of FDA-approved stainless steel and it is 4 inches in width.

We liked it because:

  • FDA approved stainless steel
  • Easy to open up and reassemble
  • Blade guard provided
  • Rubberized grip
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stylish
  • Cheap

We didn’t like it because:

  • Less sharp than competitors
  • Not long-lasting

5. KitchenAid Pizza Cutter

Now we are going to discussing the traditionally design pizza cutters with this one from KitchenAid.

KitchenAid-Pizza-WheelIt is available in different amazing colors like the essential black, the bold red and the fashionable turquoise. This cutter is made of a small wheel blade and made out of durable stainless steel. It is 3 inches in diameter as well as comes with a tear-away plastic cover firstly. To get a cut of your demand, you can just hold it at a suitable angle and glide through.

The handle is 5 inches long and it is ergonomic in nature and comes with a built-in guard for finger and thumb. The cutter makes up for the lack of a suitable protective case to some scope by providing strength and lowest security. Moreover, it does not feature any soft-grip design. And so it would require the user to hold it tight enough. There is a little hole built-in in the design at the end of the handle for easy hanging and better storage. It is really safe for getting cleaned up in the dishwasher.

We liked it because:

  • Stainless steel wheel
  • Built-in guard for finger and thumb
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Perfectly Dishwasher safe
  • Hanging hole
  • Variety of colors
  • Affordable
  • Batter Storage

We didn’t like it because:

  • Not enough control of the wheel
  • No protective sheath