Authentic STEEL Detroit Style Pizza Pan


Product Description

NEW and improved seasoned coating! Remember the old blue steel Detroit Style Pizza pans? Since production ceased in 2010, Detroit Style Pizza makers have struggled to capture the performance of the original blue steel pans – until now! Detroit Style Pizza Co. is proud to bring back steel pans to our Authentic Detroit Style Pizza pan lineup. You can’t bake an Authentic Detroit Style Pizza without a square steel pan fashioned after the automotive parts trays originally used when the “Motor City Secret” was born, but authenticity comes with a costly and time-consuming break-in period. Not anymore. World Pizza Champion Shawn Randazzo has developed a revolutionary new seasoning process that eliminates the break-in period so pizzerias can save time and money with a more durable pan that’s uniquely suited for baking Authentic Detroit Style Pizza. Authentic Detroit Style Pizza pans are a slice of Motor City history. Once used as parts trays by Detroit’s auto manufacturers, the square-shaped pans are made from steel. Each pan is specially-prepared to bake Detroit Style Pizza with our patent pending seasoning process that involves preparing the pan for several cycles of coating and baking. These qualities make for the perfect Detroit Style Pizza: proper heat conduction for an evenly-baked deep dish crust that’s crispy outside yet light and airy inside, cheese that caramelizes on the edges when baked and the retention of more pizza flavor with each bake. Pizza chefs have tremendous pride in their recipes, ingredients and baking processes. Authenticity is paramount for pizzerias that bake Detroit Style Pizza, which is why using the authentic and original Detroit Style Pizza pan is critical to the perfect bake. Detroit Style Pizza Co. offers authentic pre-seasoned steel pans in 8 in. X 10 in. and 10 in. X 14 in. sizes. Complete pan maintenance and cleaning instructions are also shipped with the pans.

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  • Specifically designed to bake large Authentic Detroit Style Pizzas (10″x14″x2.5″)
  • New patent-pending seasoning process we use to coat the pans to provide an easy release of pizzas and to protect the pan.
  • No sticking or flaking like previously seasoned steel pans
  • 100% All-Natural Non-toxic coating.
  • The coating consists of a canola oil blend that is baked onto the pan (Seasoned)
  • Used by original Detroit Style Pizza makers and also new Detroit Style Pizza makers all around the world
  • Made of 26 gauge steel in the U.S.A.